Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dancing in my Danskos | Michelle

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Well, not exactly dancing... More like walking and running for 12+ hours. The dancing does, however, happen occasionally as I celebrate with new moms and dads. For those who don't know, I am a labor and delivery nurse. I'm blessed and privileged to work in the field I do, knowing that I'll have the opportunity to guide women through one of the most memorable experiences of their life — bringing new lives into our world.

As Vivian and I are still working on getting our blog up and running, I won't share too much just yet. We will soon be introducing more about ourselves in the "About Us" and slowly weave in our newly begun work lives with all things we love.

Now back to my "dancing" shoes, I have one word: Comfortable.

I remember when I was in nursing school, I couldn't wrap my mind around the "clogs." They were oddly shaped, looked uncomfortable, and let's be honest, they're not exactly "best dressed" material. However, I've had a change of heart. When I started my full-time position last September, I figured I could still put my all-white Nike Free Runs to use. I don't know what I was thinking because those squeaky things have endured 1000+ hours of clinical. I noticed that at the end of my long shifts, my feet were throbbing and my back was aching. Given that it probably would with any shoes I wore, I searched for a way to relieve these pains.

And... ta-da! I have found the solution! It is to be expected that they aren't immediately comfortable, but what is? Like any other pair of shoes, it takes time to break in. Pros? Immense back support with the rocker bottom and solid arch. My posture improves as soon as I slip these babies on and it reduces the strain not only in my back, but also my legs and feet. It evenly distributes pressure across my foot and eases the stress on my entire body after standing and walking for long hours. Trust me (especially my hard-working nurses), these make a difference! They're well-worth the investment and not to mention, you'll feel pretty stylish once they grow on you ;-)


Brand: Dansko
Size: 36 (6.5-7)

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