Monday, November 9, 2015

A few months ago, after having gone through many life changes as well as dealing with some mental health issues, I became the heaviest I had ever been. In an effort to get back into shape as quickly as possible, with minimal stress on my asthmatic lungs, I came up with this elliptical routine. It's high intensity so you really feel it, changes every 5 minutes to keep your body guessing, and goes down in intensity so you have a little treat after each 5 minutes interval. Caveat: I am by no means a health professional or an athletic trainer -- this is just an exercise that works for me and that I'd like to share. At the beginning of my weight loss and fitness journey, this was my only form of exercise to get myself back into shape and I was able to lose a couple of pounds a week (of course this was paired with healthy eating!)

*Keep in mind that all elliptical trainers are different and every human is different. Feel free to modify as you'd like! Go up or down in resistance as you see fit. When I first started this routine, I started off at 8, went down to 7 and so on. As soon as I felt that it no longer was a challenge, I went up in resistance and sweat poured down my face once again.