Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil | Review

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I was recently introduced to this magic potion by a fellow makeup lover. I was never blown away by makeup removing products I had tried in the past -- like the Almay Eye Makeup Remover pads,  The Body Shop Camomile Makeup Remover, or even doing the cold cream method and using Cetaphil. One fateful night when I stayed over at said friend's home, I used the potion pictured below, and my world changed.

The smell. Let's first begin with the calming smell of sweet chamomile. It makes your skin feel like it's in a spa as you rub it in. I pay a little more attention to my eyes and eyelashes by GENTLY rubbing my fingers across and down over my lashes. I emphasize "gently", because you don't want to go tearing off your beautiful lashes or damaging your eyes. This stuff removes the most makeup the quickest of all the products I had tried. It also doesn't sting or irritate my skin. I do still wash my face with a cleanser afterwards as I don't really trust this product as a cleanser.

Not to mention, it's totally affordable. This entire 6.7 fl oz bottle sells for $19. Try to come up with a list of 6 items to buy from The Body Shop when they have their Buy 3 Get 3 event for an even better deal. All in all, I gotta say, I love this stuff. 

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