Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Touch of Floral

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Although we live together, we barely see each other. Our work schedules are always conflicting and as our weeks fly by, we realize that our main interaction is through texting. So, it was a pleasant surprise when we both woke up on a Sunday morning and sat in Michelle's bed to catch up. Somewhere in our conversation, we thought of getting brunch and doing a quick photo shoot. And get this... we planned (briefly), got ready (hair, makeup, outfits, the whole shabang), and shot the photos all within one hour! For us, this is miraculous. So here are our outfits from our quick yet bunch ready morning.

Shaul: Express
Tank: Forever 21
 Belt: H&M
Bottom: Bebe
Shoes: Sperry


Top: Forever 21
Bottom: Express
Shoes: Nine West

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